Angie with Canon 300DWe decided to become a permanent team while sailing our 30 foot sloop from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic and cruising the east coast and the Bahamas for a year. We both already had an interest in photography, but after Jim retired from his career as an English teacher and started taking photography classes, and then teaching, at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, our interest became our passion.

When Angie retired from her teaching job we started making annual trips to Mexico. First we lived with a Mexican family in Guadalajara while studying Spanish at the Centro de Estudios para Extranjeros of the University of Guadalajara. After that we began going to Oaxaca, where our love affair with the people and culture of Mexico came into full bloom. We have gone back to Mexico every year, emailing reports on our adventures to our friends. Those reports are the basis for the "journals" published here.

For the past decade we have been spending a good part of every year Jim with G2 at mirrortraveling around the United States, Mexico, and Canada, lugging an assortment of camera equipment with us. We photograph whatever catches our eye, usually going for the small details that illuminate a personality or a culture, or that catch the flavor of a landscape or a region.  Always, we hope to create images that express our passion for nature, humanity, and the interaction of the two.

Our photographs have been or are currently being exhibited in Sylva, North Carolina, Nevada City, California, and Oaxaca, Mexico, as well as in Harbor Springs and Ann Arbor.  We hope that you enjoy them!

Angie and Jim